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A LAN party has appeared!

PineappleLAN Party is a Bring Your Own PC LAN Party and will be held on the 9th of July on site at OMG Tech.

Tournaments in Counterstrike: Global Offensive, Minecraft Creative, and Super Smash Brothers 4.

As well as Casual Competitions in Unreal Tournament 2004, Arm Wrestling, The Hidden, Trackmania Nations Forever and others. We encourage players to host their own LAN games for people to join in with as well!

Face to face action with the gamers of the Great Southern!

Please ensure you print out sign the waiver form and bring in on the night. It's very important for insurance reasons and allows us to use OMG Tech's facilities without risking legal issues.


Seating is staggered, so on the seating plan, A1 is NOT on the same side as A2. It will be on the other side of the table. So if you want to sit on the same side as a friend, ensure you leave a gap inbetween you. Please take this into account when booking seats. Thanks!

A LAN party is a gathering of people with computers or game consoles, between which they establish a local area network (LAN) for the purpose of playing multiplayer video games. Not only that, a LAN party is a great place to meet other gamers, drink energy drinks and win awesome competitions!

○ A personal computer (Desktop or laptop)
○ Peripherals; Mice, keyboards, mousemats, monitors, etc...
○ A power board
○ 5-10 metre ethernet network cable
○ Headphones (No speakers)
○ Optional: personal chair/pillows

Some reccomended programs include
○ Mumble: Free Low-latency Voicechat (
○ Up to date Steam and game files (downloads put stress on the network and delay tournaments)

5:00PM Start

5:30PM Smash 4 Single Elimination

6:15PM Minecraft Creative

7:00PM CS:GO 5v5 Brackets


9:30PM CS:GO 5v5 Finals

10:30PM onwards UT2k4 Instagib, Trackmania, misc games and fun competitions.

Double Elimination Best of 1 format, with the Grand Finals being best of 3. The winning team will recieve $100, ($20pp)

Map Pool

Maps will be decided by a coin toss in best of 1 rounds, and by pick/ban in Grand Finals.

Team composition may be changed by admins to ensure fair play.

A Mumble server will be provided for the team's convenience.

Rules and regulations will closely mirror those of ESl and their CSGO rulebook.

Double or Single Elimination (depending one the numbers) best of 1. With the Grand Final being best of 5. The winner will receive a $20 cash prize.

No banned characters (although DLC characters may not be availible.)

Final Destination, as well as all Omega (Ω) maps
Town and City
Lylat Cruise
Dream Land (64)
Duck Hunt
Castle Seige
Delfino Plaza
Umbra Clock Tower
Wuhu Island

*Again, stage availibility may vary

Players will start a local creative server. They are given 30 minutes to create art/architecture/machine/environment based off a theme (eg. Medieval, Futuristic, Nature etc) to be decided on the night. The winner will recieve $20 cash.

Judges will then join the server to curate the final works and decide a winner!

Unreal Tournament 2004 Tipping

$2 to place your bet on what the winning amount of frags will be in a 15 minute, Instagib Free-For-All.
The person with the closest guess will win the contents of the pot!

Trackmania Nations Forever

A time attack server will be hosted for some friendly racing competition. 🚗

START: 07-09-2016 05:00PM
END: 07-10-2016 06:00AM

OMG Tech
20 Lockyer Avenue
Albany, WA 6330



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