An organizer is someone in charge of planning and running a particular event. This site provides tools for organizers to post information about their event and accept reservations and payments from attendees.

Q: Can I post any kind of event on this site, or does it have to be a LAN party?

A: The intended purpose of LANREG is to support the registration process of LAN parties, but has been built to support any kind of event registration.

Q: How much does it cost to post an event on the site?

A: The cost of using LANREG is 20 cents USD plus 1% (compare to Eventbrite's 99 cents USD plus 2.5%) of all seats/tickets SOLD for an event, with a maximum of $1 USD per seat/ticket.

If the seats/tickets for your event are free, or you just want to make an informational posting, there is no cost to you.

LANREG will bill the event organizer once the event's start date is passed. This enables the money for ticket sales to go directly to the organizers, and reduces fees.

PayPal processing fees do occur with each transaction on top of the LANREG fee.

Q: Can I post multiple events at once?

A: Yes.

Q: Do PayPal fees apply?

A: Yes, PayPal will still take its cut of each transaction. The advantage of using PayPal is that the money goes directly to you with every sale.

Q: Do I need to set anything up on my end regarding PayPal?

A: No, as long as your PayPal account is a Premier or Business account. Personal level PayPal accounts will not work as Instant Payment Notifications won't be properly sent to LANREG for purchase verification. Premier or Business level accounts are a free upgrade.


An attendee is someone who wants to go to events. This site allows attendees to search for events in their area, reserve and pay for seats for those events with their friends.

Q: Who has access to my information?

A: As soon as you sign in and make a reservation with a particular event, the organization that is hosting that event can access your email and basic personal information. This is no different than you registering with their site/forums. LANREG doesn't share any user information with any third parties.

Q: What's the difference between seats and tickets?

A: Seats are essentially tickets to an event with an assigned seating location, commonly associated with BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) event. Tickets are general admission for events and therefore not associated with a specific seating location.

Q: Does this site cost me any money?

A: No. All fees on the site are associated with the event organizer. You are simply paying for seats or tickets to events hosted by organizers.

Q: How do I transfer my seat reservation to someone else?

A: Follow these simple steps:
  • Log into the site with the account that currently owns the seat
  • Go to the event page with the associated reservation
  • Click on the seat you wish to transfer
  • At the bottom of the popup window there should be a transfer seat heading with a textbox and button (you may have to scroll down)
  • Type the username of the account you wish to transfer the seat to. This must be a valid account
  • Click the transfer button

Q: I don't have PayPal or don't want to use it. What are my options?

A: The PayPal account that pays for a reservation doesn't have to be yours. You can have a friend reserve and pay for your seat and enter your personal information, or you can reserve a seat and have them pay for it at the time of PayPal checkout.