AtomLAN 45

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The summer LAN to watch out for is back!

We look forward to welcoming you all back to Padworth once again this July, for our 45th weekend of gaming goodness. With, weather depending, an awesome summer BBQ (at least it'll get us outside for maybe 10 mins to eat meaty goodness)!

So don't delay, grab your tickets right now!

*Please read the 'Event Waiver' (link to the right) for event T&Cs and refund policy/instructions

Want a BYOC seat? - Select seats from the seating plan to begin!

Select the seat(s) on the seating plan if you want to purchase 'Bring Your Own Computer' tickets for the weekend, and enter the details for who will be sitting in the seat(s).
Once reserved, use the 'My Reservations' tab at the top of the page to view your basket where you can purchase & confirm them.

Every two seats consists of a single table, so if you want a full table please ensure you've picked an appropriate two seats so you won't be straddling two tables. If you require a full table, please purchase two seats otherwise you risk being moved during a defrag, to close any gaps.

Want a Spectator/Board Gaming Ticket? - Select from the available tickets underneath the seating plan!

Select the number of single or weekend ticket you want to purchase and click the 'Reserve & Pay' button to add them to your basket.
You can either go back and add more tickets/seats or go ahead and purchase & confirm them.

START: 07-12-2019 12:00PM
END: 07-14-2019 04:00PM

Padworth Village Hall
Padworth Lane
Padworth, Berkshire RG7 4HY



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