Capital LAN Corp.

Capital LAN, evolving from the celebrated ATRLAN, is a culmination of efforts from diverse gaming communities aimed at crafting the premier PC gaming experience. Our vision is to continue the legacy of landmark events such as Exile Computer Gaming's Exile LAN and Exodus LAN, pushing boundaries to host our most expansive LAN party yet.

Located at the well-equipped Hilton Garden Inn in Troy, NY—a venue renowned for its capability to support large-scale gaming setups—we are committed to exceeding the achievements of our past events. With facilities that can handle up to 144 computer systems and robust multi-source internet connections, Capital LAN is set to be a beacon for gamers seeking both competitive play and community connection.

Join us as we strive to top previous gatherings, enhancing every aspect of the LAN experience to create an environment where gaming excellence is not just expected but achieved.

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