Club Conflict

Club Conflict Online Gaming League was established in 2002. Club Conflict, a free to join CSGO league, has been host to (16) seasons of Counter-Strike, (5) seasons of CS 1.6, (10) seasons of CS:S and most recently, (1) season of CSGO.

Club Conflict hosts CSGO Tournaments at awesome LAN Events like The GXL (Philadelphia, PA), FITES (Mechanicsburg, PA), PITTCO (Pittsburgh, PA) and LAN in the Highlands (Latrobe, PA).

In 2012 and partnering with Valve Software, Inc., Club Conflict hosted CSGO Beta LAN Tournaments and gave away 500 keys to the coveted CSGO Beta. CSGO Beta Tournaments were held at PITTCO (Pittsburgh, PA), LITH (Ligonier, PA), and .LAN (Milwaukee, WI).

July 2015 - Club Conflict hosted Pro Tournaments for CS:GO ($1,000 to Win on PC) and CODAW ($1,000 to Win on XBox 360) at LAN in the Highlands 2015.

October 2015 - Club Conflict hosted the CSGO Tournament at The GXL Titan, 450 gamers attended the event. Ten teams competed in the tournament. The LAN Finals were cast on Twitch.TV

March 2016 - Club Conflict hosted the CSGO Tournament at Frag Infinity Tournament FITES 250 LAN. Ten teams competed and 250 people attended this event. The Finals of the CSGO LAN Tournament were cast on Twitch.TV.

March 2016 - Club Conflict completed Season 16. This CSGO League Season Beta consisted of (10) teams competing. The Club Conflict CSGO League Beta Playoffs were cast on Twitch.TV.

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