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"A cowardly man thinks he will ever live, if warfare he avoids; but old age will give him no peace, though spears may spare him."

Odin LAN II is the sequel to Odin LAN I and is a Bring Your Own PC gaming event, running overnight from the 21st till the 22nd of January.

Games of all kind to be played.

Tournament for competitive Counterstrike: Global Offensive following ESL Standard Ruling (Knife Rounds, Timeouts etc.)

With enough interest, a server will be run for NeoTokyo, which is free on Steam!

If you would like to play a tournament of another game, feel free to contact us on Facebook about organising one.

A Discord server will also be available for the LAN to make voice comms easy to manage.

○ A personal computer (Desktop or laptop)
○ Peripherals; Mice, keyboards, mousemats, monitors, etc...
○ A power board
○ 5-10 metre ethernet network cable (may be able to supply cable if needed)
○ Headphones (No speakers)
○ Optional: personal chair/pillows

Some recommended programs include
○ Discord: A great free voice program (a server will be run for the event) https://discordapp.com/
○ Up to date Steam and game files (downloads put stress on the network and delay tournaments).
ALSO - click the link to the waiver form and bring a signed copy or you will not be able to play ! Copys of the waiver are available at the event if you are unable to bring one.

- No unauthorised alcohol, or drugs or illegal substances.
- No aggressive or abusive behaviour.
- No graphic content is to be shown or displayed
- Must be 15 years or older.
- Please leave the LAN Hall in a tidy state.
- Maximum of 1 Monitor @ Max size of 27"
- A 10% fee will be deducted from refunds to cover payment costs. It will also take a few days to issue refunds.
- Any disputes, whether about game results/rules, or just in general, must be taken up with an admin at the event or through messaging online. Admins are willing to reason to sort out disputes, but whatever an admin says is final, is final.

A casual Counterstrike: Global Offensive tournament will be held at the event.

Teams can be made prior to the event, however they may be changed by the admins to balance gameplay. We are hoping for (at least) 2 teams of 5.

NOTE: If there are not enough players for competitive games, a minigame server will be hosted with a variety of fun challenges to muck around in!

Map Pool:

and depending on player vote, either;

de_inferno, or

Maps will be chosen using a Veto system (Ban 2, Pick 2, Ban 2). Matches will be played Best of 3 style.

Based on player vote, a 1v1 style tournament may also be held.

Rules will be similar to the ones set by ESL, with changes made at admin discretion.

If we have enough interest, we will host a NeoTokyo server. NeoTokyo is a multi-player first person shooter game based in a cyber setting. With a general theme similar to the anime "Ghost In A Shell", and gameplay similar to the well-loved Counterstrike, NeoTokyo is a blast to play with friends.


So why not give it a try? Files for NeoTokyo can be acquired from the admins at the event, or downloaded through the Steam client.

There is a kitchen with fridge, microwave, kettle which can be used but everything must be left as it was found.

Snacks inc chocolate bars & chips, drinks and pizza available.
Gold coin pricing.

START: 01-01-2017 06:00PM
END: 01-02-2017 06:00AM

Albany Small Business Centre
222 Chester Pass Road
Albany, WA 6330



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