CEG: Summer Break LAN 2 (SOLD OUT)

Hosted by Ferris Computer Enthusiasts Group

We're having a heatwave a tropical heatwave! The temperatures rising and isn't it surprising that the Computer Enthusiasts Group is hosting another LAN event before the start of the Fall 2018 semester. Time to brave the heat and the scorching temperatures to enjoy a day inside with all your friends for some good frag times!

Current list of sponsors for CEG Summer Break LAN 2

OCZ / Toshiba


START: 07-21-2018 09:00AM
END: 07-21-2018 09:00PM

Arts and Science Commons Room 1008
820 Campus Drive
Big Rapids, MI 49307



[a2m]Mr_Kola [a2m]Skipperdo AlexJones Behemoth BouvToTheMax CaptainChromosome chaserhw cheap COXandSOX Daggerss DanDanTheMatressMan deadshadow199 DJ Psyko-M1 Fear The Buttlet Fear the Demon Frosty Ocean Fungus Giga_Byte24 gpg123 Grouty ImagineAphantasia KillHippopotamus MoparManiac necktwist NICOLETH3TROLL Opopanax PhiladelphiaCollins Raz Sasleigh saturdayxsugar Scanham Sparty stinkywag (3) Techie Treyswaq twichey whtw0uldjesusd0 YeastLord