Hosted by Ferris Computer Enthusiasts Group

Hot off the heels of CEGCON 2020 the CEG Admins have a surprise for the citizens of Earth! On March 21st 2020 from 9:00am till 9:00pm in Arts and Science Commons Room 1008 in Big Rapids Michigan for a total of 40 attendees. Tickets to this event are FREE CEG presents ETERNALAN! Prepare yourself for the invasion of Earth as each of you DoomSlayers will need to battle the forces of Hell and repel this invasion! This event will be focused on the id Software/Bethesda release of DOOM Eternal on March 20th 2020. Pick the game up on Steam or any of your local retailers then join us the next day for a day of DOOM!

Rip and Tear Until It Is Done!

START: 03-21-2020 09:00AM
END: 03-21-2020 09:00PM

Arts and Science Commons Room 1008
820 Campus Drive
Big Rapids, MI 49307


[a2m]Skipperdo BlackMamba BouvToTheMax Bubbinator Der Bübba Chaserhw CoaxTheGreat Cox_and_sox DanDanTheMattressMan Elieya Fear The Bean fnj00 Giga_Byte24 Hochimama Hogbro jimmyabes26 Joney Khorya Lolsaabaru Mashterfins MoparManiac mrkola MrsKola NicoleTheTrL nonhofe Opopanax PhiladelphiaCollins PrincessOfManners Raph Sasleigh scroll_lock88 ShadesAlmasy Shaw-T Steel Prism stinkywag Telos TheKnownProgram treyswaq TriageONE WhtWouldJesusDO Zoocko13