FortCON 2017

Hosted by FortLAN

FortCON 2017 will be Northeast Indiana’s largest bring your own computer (BYOC) LAN party and convention with over 296 seats available for 24/7 access, non stop gaming!

We will be rolling out more information as we get it, so check here and the Facebook Event for more updates!

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- BYOC Standard: $55
- Early Bird BYOC VIP: $75
- General Admission/Console Pass, 3 Day Pass, $10
- General Admission, 1 Day Pass, $5

* BYOC seats are all access

* General Admission passes are for those who aren't participating in the BYOC and are interested in the console tournaments, VR demo, vendor booths, console village and other activities.

PC Tournaments
Cash Tournament, $1,200 Cash Pool
- Counter Strike: Global Offensive (5v5, BYOT)
- $100 Entry Per Team
- 8 Teams Max
- First Come, First Serve
- 1st Place - $800
- 2nd Place - $300
- 3rd Place - $100

- League of Legends (5v5, BYOT)
- First place 3000 RP, Triumphant Ryze, Mystery Icon
- Second Place 2250 RP, Mystery Icon
- Third place 1500 RP, Mystery Icon
- Fourth place 1000 RP, Mystery Icon
- Fifth Place through Eighth place, Mystery Icon

Other "Fun" Tourney for prizes
- Hearthstone (1v1)
- Rocket League (3v3, BYOT)
- Overwatch (6v6 BYOT)
- League of Legends - ARAM
- CS:GO Gun Game
-Starcraft 1vs1 Free version
-PUBG Quakecon forum Server

Console Tournaments
- Super Smash Bros. Melee* $10 entry $200 pot Bonus
- Super Smash Bros. Smash 4 for Wii U* $10 entry $200 pot Bonus
- Street Fighter V Free entry $100 Pot
- Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite free entry $100 pot
- Tekken 7 Free Prize to the winner

- Guest Speakers
- Console Village
- Virtual Reality Demo
- Vendor Booths
- Halloween Battlestation Contest
- Halloween Constume Contest
- And more to be announced!

This year we will be doing something new with our charity for the event! We are now working with Gamers Outreach to bring one of there GO-karts to the event. Attendees and guests can donate cash toward the chairty for tickets to a raffle. Each GO Kart is equipped with a gaming monitor, gaming console, and games. The carts provide a safe, flexible, and efficient way to ensure children have access to entertainment and coping mechanisms during long-term hospitalization. Today, Project GO Kart serves thousands of children per year in hospitals around the country. We will be having a representative from Gamers Outreach speak at the event as well.

This link will take you to their website if you would like to learn more about what we are bringing to our event!

Hilton Fort Wayne Downtown discounted group rate of $99.00 plus tax per night.

START: 10-27-2017 06:00PM
END: 10-29-2017 03:00PM

Grand Wayne Center
120 W Jefferson Blvd
Fort Wayne, In 46802


The seating chart has been locked. Seat reservations can no longer be created, updated, or transferred.


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CS:GO team Signup


$1200 Total purse based on 8 teams and pot bonus

$100.00 USD

FortCON 2017 Shirt


Shirt Will include 2017 FortCON Logo a sponsors . Please Include Shirt Size when ordering

$20.00 USD

General Admission, 1 Day Pass

296/300 remaining

These are tickets for non-BYOC attendees. They allow access to FortCON to check out vendor booths, activities, virtual reality, console village, tabletop gaming, and more to be announced.

$5.00 USD

General Admission/Console , 3 Day Pass

284/300 remaining

These are tickets for non-BYOC attendees. They allow access to FortCON to check out vendor booths, activities, virtual reality, console village, tabletop gaming, and more to be announced.

$10.00 USD


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