The Return of Ninja Lan

Hosted by Kinetic Entertainment Media

Several years ago in the year 2000, gamers from all over the valley descended upon a residence somewhere in Mission, Tx. Tables were set up, drinks were put on ice, and breakers were blown. What ensued was a night filled with Counter Strike, Unreal Tournament, and copious consumption of caffeine. NinjaLan remains to many a defining moment of the best 2000 gaming had to offer up there in the hallowed halls along with Hard Drive Cafe, Sector Zero Technologies, Chat Rooms Cyber Cafe, Bawm Lan and Shabobo Lan. Here and now 20 years later I am proud to announce The Return of Ninja Lan. So blow the dust off your old cd binder, brush up on your l337 speak, pack up your pc, and join us for The Return of Ninja Lan!

Please note
This is a three day continuous lan party. The venue will be all access all hours the entire duration of the event. Unfortunately there is no sleeping arrangements at the facility we recommend hotels or accommodations in the area.

Please note
BYOC = Bring your own computer, if you select this ticket you will need to bring with you to the event a computer, power/video cables, and peripherals. This computer must have a working network card.

Please note
This is a retro themed lan party not a modern lan party.
Internet will be limited at this location, and the preference of games will be those released before 2005 please see the list of lan party games tab for reference, as well as the Event Information tab. Questions about the lan party can be emailed to

This is a 2004 period game list

Tournament Games

Unreal Tournament
Unreal Tournament Tactical Ops 2.0
Unreal Tournament Tactical Ops 2.1
Counterstrike 1.6
Halo Combat Evolved
Star Wars Jedi Academy
Quake 3

Console Tournament Games
Mario Kart Double Dash
Halo Combat Evolved
Super Smash Melee

Free Play Suggested Games
Baldurs Gate 2 Enhanced Edition
Doom 3
Half Life Deathmatch
Team Fortress
Never Winter Nights 2
Serious Sam the first encounter
Unreal Tournament 2004
Counter Strike Source
Left 4 Dead
Left 4 dead 2
Star Wars BattleFront 2
Star Wars Galatic Battlegrounds
Star Wars Dark Forces
Age of Empires 2
Alien Versus Predator 2
Diablo 2
Empire Earth
Soldier of Fortune 2
Warcraft 3
Warcraft 3 Frozen throne
Warcraft 2 beyond the dark portal and tides of darkness
Red Faction 2

If you are not bringing or renting a Windows XP machine. Most games are available via GOG and or Steam.
Games must be installed, updated, and patched before bringing them to the event.
(There will be absolutely no support or assistance in installing games. There will be a shared folder available at the event with some game installs and patches but event staff is not required to assist in the installation of games) Internet will likely only be available in a limited form. Games are played over the local lan, but if not pre-installed and patched you may have issues, when trying to join a game. All patch versions that will be used at the event will be available above to check previous to coming to the event.

If you are bringing your own computer it must be in good working condition, virus free, and have games pre-installed. Your computer must be set to obtain an ip address via DHCP (most are by default) You will be provided power, networking, and space for your computer. We will have the shared folder and instructions on how to map or access it as well as some readmes for patching and installing games. Please have steam pre installed as it is the easiest method to install most of these games.

It is recommended to bring a computer with Windows XP pre setup but you can bring a modern pc provided you have steam, and gog games installed on that computer with the proper games pre purchased, installed, and patched. Some games cannot be installed onto a modern os for example Starcraft. Almost all tournament games will have a Steam or GOG with the exception of Starcraft. If your bringing a Win XP box, I recommend bringing a copy of an OS disc, and a thumb drive with your games, drivers, patches, and games

There will be absolutely no dedicated and or individual troubleshooting support. You can ask neighbors or other experienced users and it is at their discretion to help you troubleshoot non-basic issues. If you are renting a computer that is pre-set up from KEM and you encounter a major issue we have replacement machines on site. Simply get the attention of a staff member and we will swap your machine for another.

You may bring your own gaming chair, we will provide a standard folding chair but if you would like to bring your own rolling or non rolling gaming chair to the event. Please nothing too large as to create a blockage or space constraint in your area.

What not to bring
Outside food or drinks into the building (Concessions and food will be available on site)
Extension Cords (We will have extension cords and powerstrips available)
Monitors larger then 32 inch (27 inch or smaller is preferable please)

What to Bring for the Byoc ticket
Gaming Chair
PC Tower
Pc Monitor (Highly suggest a CRT if at all possible)
Power cable for PC monitor and PC Tower
Mouse (backup mouse)
USB powered fan
Cell phone charger
Capture or steam card

What to bring for the rental computer ticket
Your own Keyboard and Mouse
Gaming Chair


(PC) Unreal Tournament 6 pm

(PC) Counterstrike 1.6 begins at 10 pm

(Console ) Mario Kart Double Dash 7 pm

(Console) Halo Combat Evolved 9:30


(PC) Quake 3 begins at 11 am

(PC) Half Life 2 deathmatch . begins at 1 am

(PC) Starcraft Begins at 2:45 pm

(PC) Unreal Tournament Tactical ops 2.0 begins at 4 pm

(PC) Halo Combat Evolved begins at 8 pm

(PC) Star wars Jedi Academy 12 pm

(Console) Smash Melee 1 pm supported prize pool 150 first 50 second prize third (This will be the only tournament with cash prize support)

(Console ) Soul Calibur 2 5pm

(Console) Halo Combat Evolved 8


(PC) Star Wars Jedi Academy 10 am

(PC) Counterstrike 1.6

(Console) Smash Melee 10 am

Travel Information

Local Airport
MFE Mcallen Airport which is just around the corner from area accommodations

Greyhound bus station comes into Mcallen, Tx
Lyft, local buses, and Taxis are all available at the bus station which is in the same area as the location and area hotels
AirBNB has many mcallen locations
If you need accommodations such as a monitor because you do not want to travel with yours please contact I can possibly arrange monitors or other resources for you locally.

Places near to stay
Double Tree Suites 1800 S 2nd St, McAllen, TX 78503 Recommended Closest
La Quinta Inn & Suites Mcallen La Plaza Mall
Embassy Suites Mcallen Convention Center

START: 05-15-2020 12:00PM
END: 05-17-2020 02:00PM

The Old Church Winery
700 N Main St, McAllen, TX 78501
Mcallen, TX 78501


Melee only 1 day pass

25/25 remaining

This will be a Saturday only pass for the Smash Melee tournament only

$15.00 USD

Console Gamer 3 day pass

30/30 remaining

This will be a 3 day access pass for console only gaming

$25.00 USD