Level Up Live BYOC LAN Esports Event '15

Hosted by Level Up Live

Level Up Live Summer 2015

DATE: August 29th & 30th, 2015
TIMES: This event is an overnight event. 24 hours+
TICKETS: $50 (Ticket Includes: Tournament Entries, Bring-your-own-computer spot, 2 catered meals)

All tickets are for the weekend.
WEBSITE: http://www.leveluplive.com
BUY TICKETS: See seating chart below to buy tickets

$500 5v5 League of Legends
$200 Starcraft 2: HoTS
$200 1v1 Super Smash Bros (Wii U)

SMITE Xbox One Showcase

Disclaimer: No refunds unless the event is canceled. All refunds will be issued through Paypal. Must be 15 years or older to attend unless accompanied by a paying adult.

Saturday, August 29th 2015

1:00pm – 2:00pm: Check-In and Setup

2:00pm – 5:00pm: Open LAN ; Tournament Signups ; Raffle Ticket Purchases

5:00pm – 6:00pm: Dinner (Taco bar)

*6:00pm – 10:00pm*: $500 5V5 LEAGUE OF LEGENDS TOURNAMENT

10:00pm – 11:00pm: Open LAN ; Preparation for Starcraft 2 tournament

Sunday, August 30th 2015

*11:00pm – 3:00am*: STARCRAFT 2 TOURNAMENT

3:00am – 8:00am: Open LAN

8:00am: Breakfast


12:00pm – 2:00pm: Open LAN ; Raffle Winners

Reminder* The schedule listed above is not an exact representation of how the LAN will function. We have many more tournaments and events planned but the tournaments listed above are large and will follow the schedule provided.

**All Tournament Registration will be held at the event. If you would like to compete in the 5v5 League of Legends Tournament, purchase a BYOC ticket and register at the event. If you have a full team, have all 5 members purchase a BYOC ticket and complete registration at the event.

5v5 League of Legends
1st Place: $500 + 5(x) Ryze Triumphant Skin
2nd Place: (5x)Riot Point Cards ($10 each player)

Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm
1st Place: $200
2nd Place: $20 Battle.NET Card + Razer Taipan

Super Smash Bros (Wii U)
1st Place: $200
2nd Place: $35 Nintendo eShop Card

We will also be hosting SMITE and Quake Live tournaments as well as some console tournaments throughout the event.

Raffle Tickets will be sold at the event for $2 a ticket and prizes will be raffled off throughout the evening. The list of prizes for the raffle drawing are:

Google Chromecast
Razer Kraken Over-The-Ear Headset
Razer Taipan Gaming Mouse
T-Shirts and Swag
More to come….

*Snacks and drinks will be available for purchase throughout the event*

Attendees will need to bring the following items to the BYOC…

-Computer with necessary cables.
-Monitor (Note: Up to 27 inches. Monitors larger than 27 inches infringe on the space of others).
-Headset / mouse / keyboard. (NO Speakers)
-Up to date software.
-Pillow (if you plan on staying at the venue).
-Money for food & snacks.
-Each seat in the LAN comes with electrical outlets. Do not bring your own power strip to the event or try in any way to exceed the use of our electrical outlets. Failure to abide by this rule will result in immediate removal from the event.
-You may leave and re-enter the venue at anytime with a valid wristband / lanyard provided at registration by a Level Up Live employee.


League of Legends: https://lanfest.intel.com/upload/chapters/3/Sacramento_2013H1/LANFestSpring13_LoL_Rules.pdf

Starcraft 2 HoTS: https://lanfest.intel.com/upload/chapters/3/Sacramento_2013H1/LANFestSpring13_SC2HotS_Rules.pdf

Super Smash Bros (Wii U): http://evo.shoryuken.com/additional-rules/

If you have any questions:

Steven Cooper:
Phone: (352)232-2889
Email: info@leveluplive.com or slcooper2631@gmail.com

START: 08-29-2015 01:00PM
END: 08-30-2015 02:00PM

The LOFT Event Lounge
709 W. Lumsden Road
Brandon, Florida 33511

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