Chicago Gaming Coalition No. 1

Hosted by Mad City

Chicago Gaming Coalition No. 1 is a 3-day - 24 hours a day - gaming expo with a bunch of different events under one roof.

Casual BYOC tournaments, competitive BYOC tournaments, $10,000 CS:GO NON-BYOC tournament, Console tournaments, vendors and a lot of great events to spectate.

Our goal is to bring all the community leaders in Chicago under one roof to showcase all of the great work and communities they have.

For any pre-event support join #chicagogamingco in the Mad City Discord:

(Early Bird) $65 through January 15th, 2018
(General) $75 through March 1st, 2018
(Last Week / At the Door) $80 through March 11th, 2018

CS:GO ("Low Tier", 5v5 Tournament not to be mistaken with the NON-BYOC $10,000 "High Tier" tournament)
Rocket League 3v3 - $5,000
Overwatch 6v6
Overwatch 3v3
Starcraft 2
League of Legends

All tournament registration on

*24 hour venue w/ security*

Friday March 9th, 2018 - LAN begins 10am!
Sunday, March 11th, 2018 - LAN ends at 6pm

LCD Monitor up to 32" (NO CRTs) (+1, or larger requires 2nd seat)
Chair (optional)
25ft minimum Network Cable
Headphones (no speakers)
Games (pre-loaded before arrival to the best of your ability)

Mad City (
N3rdStreetGamers (
Cougar Gaming (

START: 03-09-2018 05:00PM
END: 03-11-2018 05:00PM

Pheasant Run Resort
4051 East Main Street
St Charles, IL 60174


eboyer (15) ekm323moy (20) JBoogie