Midwest LAN No. 21

Hosted by Mad City

DISCORD - https://discord.gg/madcitygg

Join us this October as MWL hits the road at Dragon Fall, our first MWL in the surrounding Chicago area!

MidWestLAN 21 is a 2-day 120+ gamer BYOC LAN event featuring non-stop gaming action, competitions, and plenty of loot.

Accommodations & Extra Discount
Get $10 back on your LAN registration by staying at the Clarion Elmhurst for the LAN. Book your room here today: https://www.choicehotels.com/reservations/groups/rk80d9

Book your room for the event and then email your confirmation to eric@madcity.gg to to redeem the $10 refund


BYOPC/Console Pricing
$55 if you register before 9/15 (use coupon code SUPEREARLY21)
$65 if you register before 10/18 (use coupon code EARLY21)
$75 after 10/18 & at the door

There are NO REFUNDS for purchased seats/tickets for the event. See the FAQs section for more details.

Tournament registration: https://smash.gg/mwl21

Q.) Do I need to bring my own PC/console?
A.) For the BYOC section, yes! We will have 14 Nintendo Switch consoles set ups provided for the Smash tournament and free play the rest of the weekend.

Q.) Does the venue ever shut down?
A.) Yes! Hotel security must close down from 2am to 9am on Sunday morning. Get some rest!

Q.) Is there an age limit?
A.) Yes and no. Minors under 13 are allowed, but they must be attending with a parent.

Q.) Can I pay just to play "x" tournament and not for the entire LAN?
A.) No, the cash entries are just to build the pots. But you get entry into a number of free tournaments and prize drawings with your entry fee.

Q.) What is the refund policy?
A.) There are no refunds for purchased seats/tickets for the event.

There are no refunds issued for any lost time during the event due to network or power disruptions.

Q.) How much space do I get?
A.) You get 3 feet of space to set up.

1. You must check in at the door, turn in this waiver, and get a name badge before bringing in your equipment.

2. You must be at least 13 years of age or older to attend a Midwest LAN event by yourself. If you are under 18 years of age a parent/legal guardian must sign your waiver form which must be brought with you when you register. Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by a paid parent/guardian attendee.

3. Illegal drugs are not permitted inside of the event venue.

4. No outside food will be allowed in the event venue.

5. No sleeping on the floor in the venue. We will wake you up if you’re caught doing so.

6. No smoking inside the venue. Please use the designated outdoor smoking zones or your hotel room (if you have a smoking room) to smoke.

7. Acts of physical violence towards attendees, staff, volunteers, etc. will be result in immediate expulsion from Midwest LAN and the notification of local law enforcement.

8. All attendees are required to show legal, photo identification, or it will be assumed that you are under 18 years old and need a parent/legal guardian to sign the Waiver and Release of Liability.

9. Spectators are not allowed unless you have purchased a pass or been given permission by Midwest LAN staff.

10. You will be given a 3 feet wide x 30 inches deep space for your equipment. Keep your stuff confined to your area.

11. Please keep monitor sizes below 21’’ for CRTs, and 30’’ maximum or any combination of dual monitors for LCDs that does not exceed your allotted space.

12. Each attendee must sign a waiver acknowledging that they will take full responsibility for any damage or loss that may happen to their equipment or person as a result of participation at Midwest LAN. This means that anything you bring into the event or win at the event, you are liable for.

13. No hacking or intentional network disruption of any kind. We have a zero tolerance policy for this kind of behavior and reserve the right to eject you immediately if you are discovered doing this.

14. No bit torrenting or downloading of any illegal content/software/etc from the Internet at Midwest LAN. If you are discovered doing this we reserve the right to eject you immediately.

15. Be respectful of other attendees’ equipment, Midwest LAN’s equipment, and the venue’s property. Do not tamper/touch anything that is not your own.

16. You are allotted about 4amps which translates to 480watts of power. If you system uses more than 480watts you must contact staff to make special arrangements.

17. Surge protectors will be provided. DO NOT daisy chain off of these surge protectors or any other power source at the event.

18. We try to maintain a family friendly environment. Keep the profanity to a minimum.

19. During the evening hours (10PM to 9AM) please keep the noise levels down. If we have to ask you more than once to be quiet we will remove you from the venue for the evening.

20. Maintain good personal hygiene. Complaints about your body odor will lead to removal from the event until you remedy the situation. If someone smells, please report it to the staff. We do not have the time to actively seek out people who smell.

21. Due to time constraints, the Midwest LAN staff reserves the right to modify the tournament/event schedule as needed.

22. Clean up after yourselves. There will be trash cans on site.

23. If you damage or break any equipment belonging to, lent to, or donated to the Midwest LAN organization or the event venue, you will be held responsible to pay for the damages to repair or replace the item.

24. Distributing Pornography to minors or possessing pornography as a minor is illegal and not allowed. Disable any shares you may have that would violate this policy.

25. No hardware may leave the event rooms between the hours of 2AM to 10AM. This is for the safety of your equipment.

26. We have a zero tolerance policy towards any kind of sexual harassment. If reported you will be removed from the event.

27. By participating in this Midwest LAN event, you ACCEPT all tournament rules and results and understand that arguing with the tournament admin(s) can result in immediate disqualification from that tournament. Continuing to argue may result in disqualification from all other tournaments and/or removal from the event.

28. External Hard Drives, phone chargers and other non-essential peripherals are limited to two (2) in order to prevent excessive power usage.

29. You may not distribute flyers, company product, or company branded items at Midwest LAN unless have prior permission from the Midwest LAN staff.

Mad City Refund Policy:
There are no refunds of tickets purchased for Midwest LAN. There are also no refunds issued for any lost time during the event
due to network or power disruptions.

Tournament registration: https://smash.gg/mwl21

TOURNAMENTS (as of 8/7/19)
Main Event BYOC PC Tournaments (Gold Series)
CS:GO - $2,700 ($150 per team, based on 18 teams buy-ins)
Apex - Prize TBD
Fortnite Duos - Prize TBD
Hearthstone - Prize TBD
Overwatch 6v6 - $500 to first (entry included with venue fee)
Rocket League - $500 prize pool, $1k with 9+ teams (entry included with venue fee)
Starcraft 2 - Prize TBD

Silver Series Tournaments
Golf With Your Friends
League of Legends 5v5
Overwatch 3v3
...and more!

Tournament registration: https://smash.gg/mwl21

Saturday, October 26th
9:00AM - Venue opens
2:00AM - Venue closes

Sunday, October 27th
9:00AM - Venue opens
8:00PM - Event ends

*Schedule around tournaments coming soon!

START: 10-26-2019 09:00AM
END: 10-27-2019 08:00PM

Waterford Banquets and Conference Center
933 S Riverside Dr
Elmhurst, IL 60126

The seating chart has been locked. Seat reservations can no longer be created, updated, or transferred.


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