Odyssey Gaming Community

An online based gaming community originally started by a few friends in New Zealand and USA. Small events were held locally in USA before one of the community leaders moved back to NZ where he is from. The community is still young and growing, attending other LAN events - as well as developing plans for their own NZ based LAN in the future!

Next big challenge - Create a LAN event in Christchurch, NZ. The Christchurch are of the South Island in NZ has no professionally organized and hosted LAN events on any regular schedule. We'd be using the template of events we have attended in USA operated to great success for many years.

In a BYO setting (Bring your own setup) - we provide basic seating, clean tables, power supply and internet connection (it is a LAN after all). We will hold competitions/tournaments and meet ups around key interests in the community - Modding PCs, Trading Card Games or things in line with attending sponsors. Sponsors will potentially provide booths/interaction stations to see the latest tech and innovation while vendors are available for food/drink, with communal areas to connect with old and new friends alike etc.

The attendees are responsible for bringing what they want to play on all weekend - a PC, Laptop, Playstation or Xbox - its up to them! Bring their friends from near and far - connect to the LAN and game on!

Our challenges to come in this project:
- Find a great location to host attendees as well as volunteers
- Find a deserving Charity that we can contribute to as an event
- Find some awesome sponsors to contribute services or prizes
- Find vendors to sell typical Food, Drink, Coffee for attendees
- Find some awesome attendees!
- Keep it about the community - inclusive, welcoming, friendly.

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