Parlor City LAN 5.0

Hosted by Parlor City LAN

Event Highlights:
Raffle Prizes & Grub Giveaway
550MB/550MB Fiber Optic Internet provided by Adamswells Internet

***NEW*** Snacks & drinks are included with BYOC tickets!

This is an ALL NIGHT event! So here’s a few things to keep in mind:
We have dedicated Quiet Room for sleepers to set up cots, sleeping bags, and air mattresses (please be set up by midnight to not disturb anyone).
Free showers in the locker rooms – bring all toiletries and a towel to use them!
Unlimited Keyboard Waffles will be served Sunday morning for $3. See ticket options below!

Visit us at:

All team based games will be randomly/balanced assembled:

Overwatch - 6v6
CS: GO - 5v5
CoD 4 - 5v5
Heroes of the Storm - 5v5
Rocket League - 3v3

General Parlor City LAN Rules
1. Don’t be a jerk.
2. No cheating of any kind. That includes screen peeping!
3. There will likely be children around so try not to yell foul language. We’re all gamers; we know it’s easy to slip a few words. Just try to limit it when the kids are around.
4. Tournament rounds may be delayed or restarted due to PC/Hardware failure only if reported in a timely manner and in the beginning of the match (before any scoring has occurred). Please notify staff immediately of any issues. Any crashes in the middle of the game will need to reboot and get in again immediately. Staff PC’s will be available for a fast reconnect if needed.
5. Have your game patched before the tournament starts. Our internet will get you up to date fast and you have no cap on your data so feel free to update all games you will be playing immediately once you get set up.
6. Use your own account, AKA no smurfing.
7. All tournaments will be RANDOM TEAMS. We will attempt to balance them based on skill ratings.
8. If there are 3 teams, round robin will be played. Otherwise, a bracket will be generated.
9. Tournament signups will be open up to 30 minutes before the start of the tournament.

Saturday 11/12/16
10am Event Begins
12pm Raffle & Grub Giveaway
1pm Hearthstone & Mystery Tournament
3pm Call of Duty 4 Tournament
6pm Overwatch Tournament
9pm Raffle
10pm Heroes of the Storm

Sunday 11/13
12am Quiplast & Cards Against Humanity
2am LOCKDOWN - NO EQUIPMENT LEAVES (also quite time)
9am Keyboard Waffles Served
11am Counter Strike: GO Tournament
2pm Rocket League Tournament
4pm Final Raffle
6pm Event End - Tear Down Begins

START: 11-12-2016 10:00AM
END: 11-13-2016 06:00PM

Wells Community Boys & Girls Club
1410 S Wayne St
Bluffton, IN 46714



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Keyboard Waffles

67/100 remaining

Unlimited Keyboard Waffles Sunday Morning

$3.00 USD


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