Press Start : Irvine 2015

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Press Start: Irvine will be held in the Bren Events Center at the University of California, Irvine. This location has a total fixed seating capacity of over 2600 and ground space of over 28,000 square feet. Each year, hundreds of thousands of gamers attend major events such as Comic-Con, MLG, E3, and BlizzCon. Press Start aims to bring this same experience to a new location in SoCal, with the same goal in mind: to have fun.

This year, Press Start inaugurates one of the largest BYOC events in the United States to Southern California. With high-stakes tournaments, energizing shoutcasting, activity-laden sponsor booths, free-play gaming, huge raffles, and swag drops, Press Start has something for everyone to enjoy.

Over 65 staff, including event directors, production managers, and network technicians will be working tirelessly throughout the months and weeks leading up to the event to ensure that the weekend is flawless for all our participants.

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To put at your seat:
Computer or console (why not both?) and peripherals. Don’t forget the ethernet and power cables!

To bring to the event:
A bag to hold your things, money for food/drink and merchandise, water bottle.

Each type of seat has different features! Here's a complete list:

WiFi Exclusive Seat: A 30” deep x 32” wide table space, a seat, and 2 power outlets. You are free to plug in power strips to expand the number of outlets you have available.

Standard Seat: A 30” deep x 32” wide table space, a seat, 2 power outlets, and 1 ethernet plug. You are free to plug in power strips to expand the number of outlets you have available.

VIP Seat: ALL ACCESS PASS: priority for actiivies (meet and greets), VIP exclusive raffles, & more! A roomy 30” deep x 48” wide table space, a seat, 3 power outlets, an ethernet plug, and an exclusive swag package! You are free to plug in power strips to expand the number of outlets you have available.

Rosewill VIP Seat: Game on in the Rosewill VIP seating area! ALL ACCESS PASS: priority for actiivies (meet and greets), VIP exclusive raffles, an ethernet plug, & more! Purchasers get a roomy 30” deep x 48” wide table space, 3 power outlets, and an exclusive swag package! In addition, lounge in the comfort of a Rosewill gaming chair!

START: 05-09-2015 10:00AM
END: 05-10-2015 10:00PM

UCI Bren Events Center
100 Mesa Rd,
Irvine, CA 92697


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