San Diego Spring LAN-A-THON 2019

Hosted by San Diego LAN

For the first time SDL is using LANreg to try and simplify the registration process!
Join us for a full weekend of gaming!:
This will be a LAN like no other. Focused on a summer party feel. Play whatever you like, no tournaments just BYOC fun.

Location information: SDL HQ - 4319 Corral Canyon RD, Bonita CA 91902 (

Prizing information for raffles can be found here:
What to bring (checklist):

[_] The waiver! (Sign first page and bring with you)
[_] Your computer!
[_] Monitor
[_] 2x power and video cables
[_] Mouse & Mousepad
[_] Keyboard
[_] Network cable of at least 10ft (cat5e, or cat6 preferable)
If you fail to bring a network cable we will have limited on site for sale for $10! BRING YOUR OWN!
[_] Power Strip (just in case)
[_] Headset
[_] Patched games! (Make sure games are up to date BEFORE arriving, Steam LOL, etc to keep bandwidth going fast)
[_] Night-time / morning stuff - Staying over? Be sure you're prepared!
Toothbrush, sleeping bag / blanket & pillow, or even a tent is OK!
Need to rent a PC from us? No problem, we have you covered! You can order a rental after reserving your BYOC seat.

5:00pm - Doors Open! Make sure to bring your pre-filled waiver for a quick check-in and easy setup!
11:00pm - Who's ready for some Artemis or rock band?

10:00am - Doors re-open, feel free to arrive as early as 9:00am to setup your gear!
11:00am - Pool opens! We'll have it heated, don't forget to bring swimwear, a change, and a towel!
12:00pm - Lunch! Hope you're hungry because we're planning on doing some BBQ!
4:00pm - Raffle time!
6:00pm - Dinner, Pizza, thanks to Fatty's Pizza for all the good grub!
After Dinner - Couch CO-OP!

12:00am - Dodgeball / Volleyball anyone?
??:??am - Wakeup whenver, it's a party!
5:30pm - Cleanup!

All weekend: Open console area, including some old school hits. Demos including Oculus Rift, etc. We'll also be doing some pickup basketball, volleyball, and pool sports

START: 03-29-2019 05:00PM
END: 03-31-2019 05:00PM

San Diego LAN HQ
4319 Corral Canyon RD
BONITA, CA 91902-3015

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600 479076944
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600 478752294

The seating chart has been locked. Seat reservations can no longer be created, updated, or transferred.


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HD Rental (Must have BYOC seat)

4/6 remaining

HD Ryzen Loaner PC (Must have BYOC seat)

$30.00 USD

SD Rental (Must have BYOC seat)

10/12 remaining

Standard Loaner PC (Must have BYOC seat)

$15.00 USD

Spectator Only

86/100 remaining

Spectator / Console seat, includes VR, Consoles, Rock Band etc

$15.00 USD


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