Get Off My LAwN

Hosted by Tampa LAN Club

This is more of a traditional LAN - but I won't stop anyone from bringing cake.

We're gonna try and top last LAN's total of $60 raised for charity - BY SMASHING IT WITH A HAMMER! I'm doing a raffle, and more prizes get added the higher we go!

Raffle Drawings (for total amount raised for charity):
$50 - Moonbase Commander x2 (Steam)
$61 - Previous + Dishonored (Steam)
$120 - Previous + Battleborn (Steam)
$280 - Previous + Steam Controller

Please RSVP to this event via Facebook as soon as possible - we only have 12 total seats and if the count exceeds that number, I'll have to look into securing a larger venue.

As always, there will be snacks. You're on your own for Lunch, but we'll all be heading out to dinner together.

START: 08-27-2016 10:00AM
END: 08-28-2016 01:00AM

Derek's Place
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Tampa, FL 33647

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