That Gaming LAN

Hosted by That Gaming Lan

A 50 seat LAN party in Scranton, PA. This is a throwback to the good old days of LAN gaming (we will have internets available too). Tournaments will be announced on the Facebook event.

One seat will provide you with power and internet for one computer or one console, and one screen. The purchase of multiple seats will be required for multi monitor setups.

There is adequate parking on site.

We will be selling Snacks and Drinks at the event. If you are looking for a meal most places to eat are down the hill in the shopping centers. There are several fast, dine-in, or take out places as well as a grocery store.

-Your computer
-1 monitor. Multiple monitors require a second seat
-Keyboard, mouse, headset, and microphone(if not part of headset)
-All the cables you need to run your system
-At least a 25ft network cable.

What not to bring:
-Do not bring illegal drugs, alcohol, or weapons.
-DO NOT BRING SPEAKERS (its going to be noisy enough without them)

Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodge Ball - FREE FOR ALL ... Includes FREE copy of the game. Max 30 people. 3 rounds with top 3 from each moving to a final round Top 2 win a Gift card

Super Smash Wii U -2 Stock, 6 Minute Time Limit, Items Off, Equipment Off, 4 people a round to top player moves on.
Gift card for first and second.

START: 08-08-2015 10:00AM
END: 08-08-2015 08:00PM

St Stanislaus Elementary School
530 E Elm St
Scranton, PA 18505


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