GHLAN VI (WoW Classic)

Hosted by The Game Haven - GHLAN

All proceeds from the event (after fees to Paypal and LANREG) will go towards raffle prizes.

Our priority is FUN. We all just want to have a good time.

Our focus game for the evening will be WoW Classic! We are playing Horde side on Mankrik, but feel free to attend regardless of server/faction!

Any questions? Need more info?

Ask in our discord:

Or check out our FAQ at prior to signing up.

Our focus game of the month is PUBG!

We'll make an effort to get some groups together at around 7pm and jump in and play together. It's not required to attend, just something for us to play together.

We pretty much play anything, but if you're interested for us to mention a few that is not our focus game of the month..

Battlefield 5
Heroes of the Storm
Destiny 2
Conan Exiles
Anything new that's interesting, or old that's fun!

START: 07-01-2019 12:00PM
END: 07-09-2019 11:30PM

The Game Haven
5570 Airway Road
Riverside, Ohio 45431


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