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It all started in 1998 with the help of D0dger, DaDa, Jester, Nayer, and a few others to bring Wichita a LAN Party (WLP) to life in a small building in the now Delano District. Suffering through power issues, lack of good working AC and a hodgepodge of network Equipment WLP-1 went off with relatively few issues. As the years continued WLP continued to get Larger with each event averaging 50 to 75 people. The largest of these happened in 2004 and 2005 while at the Broadview Hotel and Convention center in downtown Wichita with over 100+ Attendee’s at each event.

After 2005 we eventually we moved back into Wichita to the Best Western Airport Inn. We had some great events including a huge joint event between ELKC, KCBD, WLP, and Red Bull! We Stayed with the BWAI until the end of 2007 when our contract was up with them. By then though we had a new local sponsor that just so happened to make gaming interesting for us. MindScapes, INC. had joined the foray with us and was providing 16 Apple iMacs running bootcamp with Windows XP and actually made some pretty stellar Gaming Rigs. We officially moved WLP to the MindScapes headquarters in NW Wichita for our last year of events.

Things went well for 2008 being at our sponsors location, our attendance returned to the 50 to 60 player levels and we went back to just having fun! But this was also the end of the road for the old WLP, Real life started to take precedence for the Staff and eventually in October 2008 we went on hiatus.

Here we are in 2024 making our return to LAN Parties. We are the old school trying to mix with the new school of gaming. Were do we go from here? The sky is the limit, welcome to the NEW Wichita LAN Party!

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