Wichita LAN 36

Hosted by WichitaLAN

LAN is back for Wichita KS. Bringing in back strong for 2022!!!

START: 07-16-2022 10:00AM
END: 07-17-2022 12:00PM

Red Roof Inn
6815 W Kellogg Dr
Wichita, KS 67209

The seating chart has been locked. Seat reservations can no longer be created, updated, or transferred.


(16) Chrisputer DarthMenno dinktechy hognutz63 (2) Horriblegamer/3tek (2) jmoney12977 joesauce (2) jstos Kat Levy Melted (2) mituzora RatBurger08 Rekall SerpantKing95 SirBenji Timberwolf2004 Uno V4TheWin zewolf77