COGlan 12.0

Hosted by CogLAN

First COGlan of 2024, lets get the party started. Seats are free, but donation are always welcome. Game suggest are welcome also, we have a bunch of group LAN games that normally get played over the weekend so come have a blast. As normal we will probably be doing pizza Saturday night for those that want to chip in. Look forward to see everyone

START: 04-12-2024 04:00PM
END: 04-14-2024 04:00PM

3825 Township Road 144
Cardington, OH 43315


antiproductiveman autotalon Cizrock Hotdog Zanzibar jpwinkis Lars LinkyPwns Plague[COG] Ropplestiltskin TiMmYtApThAt TurtleFreak[COG] Veretax