COGlan GarageLAN

Hosted by CogLAN

We have news! After much discussion, we have decided to do a smaller LAN since we have been "plagued" by location issues this year.

This mini-lan will be at.... you guessed it, Plague's house in his fleshly emptied garage! We will be hosting this mini LAN in middle November to try to avoid the hot weather. The cost is just $5 so it can help cover the electric bill. It will go Saturday and Sunday. There will be no sponsors, this is just a for-fun LAN for all the COGLanner that would like a central Ohio LAN to attend.

This LAN will be a small way of saying thank you for sticking with us and being patient as we find a permanent home for our larger events.

Once seating has been confirmed, we will announce specific details and head count maximum.

START: 11-16-2019 10:00AM
END: 11-17-2019 03:00PM

Plague's House
1945 Judwick Dr
Columbus, OH 43229



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