COGlan 6.0

Hosted by CogLAN

We are back after a year off, hyped and ready for our Spring event. We are working with Video Gamers of Columbus, and their venue provided by PCprojects LLC. We have few seats, but we will be putting on the same great LAN party you have come to love.

$25 each (can reserve up to 5)

Tournaments, schedule and more information to come.

May 16th
10:00 AM - Doors Open
3:00 PM - Tournament 1 Sign-Ups Closed
4:00 PM - Tournament 1 Starts
5:00 PM - Dinner Time
7:00 PM - Tournament 2 Sign-Ups Closed
8:00 PM - Tournament 2 Starts
May 17th
12:00 AM - Mid-Night Raffle
2:00 AM - Quiet Time Doors Locked
8:00 AM - Door Re-Open/Unlocked
10:00 AM - Tournament 3 Sign-Ups Closed
11:00 AM - Tournament 3 Starts
1:00 PM - Tournament 4 Sign-Ups Closed
2:00 PM - Tournament 4 Starts
4:00 PM - Final Raffle/Clean Up/Pack Up
4:30 PM - Doors Closed

*Tentative and Subject to change.


START: 05-16-2020 10:00AM
END: 05-17-2020 04:30PM

PCprojects LLC (VGOC)
6475 East Main Street #115
Reynoldsburg, OH 43068



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