Forge LAN 19

Hosted by Forge Gaming

Forge LAN 19 is here!

Hosted by Grace Church with 100+ seats available and room to expand if needed.

Forge Gaming is an Ohio based nonprofit committed to offering positive gaming experiences designed for playing, competing and equipping for life. We exist to share the story and message of Jesus with gamers!

(Early bird pricing will end 9/15/22)
$35 - Early Bird
$40 - Regular ticket

Registration Includes:
A basic chair, 3' of table space for your PC/console setup, internet, power, badge/lanyard, snacks, beverages, meals, men/women sleeping areas, and a raffle ticket! for details

PLAY - Casual Play & Social Spaces
COMPETE - Tournaments & Speed Runs
EQUIP - Workshops & Forge Studies

For detailed schedule check out our event page:

Anytime: Light Snacks & Beverages
Friday 1:00p: Bring Your Own Lunch
Friday 6:00p: Pizza & Salad Dinner
Saturday 8:00a: ROFL Waffle & Sausage
Saturday 12:00p: Subs For Lunch

START: 10-21-2022 10:00AM
END: 10-22-2022 05:00PM

Grace Church Bath (Montrose)
565 S. Cleveland Massillon Rd.
Akron, OH 44333

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The seating chart has been locked. Seat reservations can no longer be created, updated, or transferred.


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